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    How Do You Decide?

    When I walk into a Starbucks, I find I have a lot of decisions to make. What do I order? I can't just walk up and order “coffee.”



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    Paving in the Fast Lane

    Walsh Construction Co., based in Chicago, has been at work on the Dan Ryan Expressway for the last two years getting perimeter walls in place and paving entrance and exit ramps.

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    Unclogging An Urban Artery

    Urban planning legend Daniel Burnham once said, “Make no little plans.” He would be proud of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), which currently is reconstructing the Dan Ryan Expressway through the heart of Chicago.

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    Hotels Are Hot

    Although concrete has been a primary material in hotels for many years, there has been a shift toward newer techniques, especially for mid-rise hotels. Hotel construction today often uses tilt-up concrete and insulating concrete forms.



Artistry in Decorative Concrete

  • Ralph Gasser

    Involved in the concrete industry for more than 45 years and architectural and decorative concrete for 35 years, many refer to Gasser as one of the grandfathers of the decorative movement.

  • Julie Thompson

    Thompson said her company got started by accident. “I saw a chemically stained floor in an Einstein Bagels store and wanted the look in our new home,” she recalls.

  • Wayne Sellon

    For the past 15 years, father and son duo Wayne and Morgan Sellon have focused primarily on the residential home market, installing decorative wall surfaces, and interior and exterior finishes over almost any substrate to simulate rock masonry and wood be

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    Ben McCarthy

    He is part of a 5-year-old family owned company. His mother is the president, his sister serves as the estimator, his father manages the structural portion of their contracting business, and McCarthy handles the decorative concrete portion, which is mostl

  • Tommy Kolleck

    Now the company owner, Kolleck is the fourth generation in the 1939-founded family business.

  • Randy Klassen

    Klassen's father started their company in 1956. Randy took over the reins in 1986 when he finished his college education with a degree in education. Over the next five-year period, he switched the focus of their business from plain concrete flatwork to de

  • Tamara Taylor-Clark

    Taylor-Clark started her company in 1999 to do furniture painting and quickly graduated to lime plasters and cementitious materials to complete her current frescos and artwork. Tamara comes from the art world and therefore doesn't place concrete or do any

  • Mark Foreman

    Foreman is also a partner in Apex Concrete Designs whose principal decorative product is stamped concrete. He started AK-4 a couple of years ago to focus on diamond polished concrete.

  • Janet Brown

    Janet Brown asked her son, a fifth year architecture student, to design a complete bathroom that would be on the cutting edge of design and would fit in a 10x10-foot space. The result was a truncated spiral wall that leads you in a circular path to a show

  • Chris Becker

    Becker became very interested in decorative concrete and in 2002 decided to start his own construction company. He reports that it was the hardest thing he has ever done—being glad that he didn't know this when he began.

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    Dave Blasdell and Scott Hogue

    Blasdell and Hogue don't work together on contracted projects but they team up to provide training for contractors in the northwest and both of them love to do themed concrete work.


Tools for the Concrete Pro

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    Handheld Breakers

    Governmental regulations are forcing manufacturers to change the way breakers are made, reducing vibrations felt by the operator and noise heard by those nearby. And new technologies are making breakers lighter and more powerful than ever before.

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    Safety with Saws

    A cutoff saw is an essential tool for every concrete contractor.

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    Going Cordless

    You probably own all the corded tools you need to perform your company's work. So why would you discard that investment to buy into the latest cordless trend being promoted by tool manufacturers? As it turns out, there are many good reasons to go cordless



  • Technology Performs

    As architects and builders look for sustainable solutions and new ways to work with concrete, it is more important than ever to understand innovative products.

  • Your Online Career

    The American Concrete Institute (ACI) announced the launch of its all-new ACI Career Center.

  • TCA Announces New Board

    The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) announced the election of its board members and officers for the 2007 year.

  • Dig Smart

    The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) recently launched a new national “Call Before You Dig” Web site.

  • News Briefs

    Concrete used to halt mud flow from volcano, termites attack concrete in Malaysia, carbon-dioxide emissions from concrete decreased, Concrete Technology Forum announced and more.



  • Reality Check on Measurements

    Tolerances are critical and must be addressed. But like many other things, this issue boils down to communication.



  • Engineering A to Z, Part 1

    Site cast tilt-up—a construction method in which concrete wall panels are cast onsite and tilted into place—has gained rapid acceptance in recent years due to its speed of construction, cost-efficiency, and advanced architectural treatments.





  • Cold-Weather Cracking

    We have had a number of slabs placed in our area lately that are experiencing severe surface cracking. Our finisher says it's the concrete's (and therefore the ready-mix producer's) fault. The ready-mix producer says it is a result of failure to follow ap



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    These Women Get It

    Women may be a minority at World of Concrete, but gather them all together and you'll have one noisy room. That's because there are a lot more women in the industry to talk to now more than ever.