• Floors, Slabs, Face, and More

    Concrete Construction was contacted recently by one of the most respected engineers in the construction industry. On the table was an opportunity for a monthly op-ed column specifically addressing what might be the concrete industry's most contentious and misunderstood topic: floor slabs on grade.



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    Wolf Creek Dam Seepage Rehabilitation Project

    Originally constructed in 1941 and completed in 1950, the Wolf Creek Dam in southern Kentucky began leaking near its base in 1968. After repairs that included a concrete barrier wall, the dam held its own until 2005 when leaking again forced the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to embark on a massive...

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    Pervious Concrete

    The city of Shoreview, Minn., a suburb of St. Paul, was faced with the decision of how to replace the residential streets that ran alongside Lake Owasso.

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    Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System

    New Orleans' Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System includes 23 miles of floodwall in St. Bernard Parish, and a surge barrier in the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal.

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    Metro Transit Light Rail Project (Proposed)

    Can a floating concrete slab located beneath the tracks of a light rail system minimize vibration from the train to nearby buildings?

  • Enduring Mega Projects

    There was a time not long ago when large construction projects, or Mega Projects in this case, dotted skylines and the landscape around the globe. Times have changed and so has the construction industry, however, some Mega Projects are still moving forward even in this recessionary world.

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    Future Engine Technology

    Contractors are concerned about equipment operating costs—fuel, maintenance, tool efficiency (unit of work achieved per unit of time), and the useful life of the equipment.

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    Cut the Noise

    Protecting your workers' hearing from excessive noise is not only required by OSHA but is the right thing to do. But what's excessive noise and how can you best take care of your workers?



Tools for the Concrete Pro


Product Selection Guide

  • Product Selection Guide — Dust Collectors

    Vacuums and dust collectors serve dual purposes. They not only keep a jobsite clear of dust and particulate matter. They also create a more comfortable workers who sometimes must jobsite for several hours a day.



  • Seeking Papers for 2010 Conventions

    ACI, Farmington Hills, Mich., currently is seeking papers for sessions taking place during the ACI Spring 2010 Convention in Chicago and the ACI Fall 2010 Convention in Pittsburgh.

  • Breaking $1 Million in Donations

    Donations to the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program recently eclipsed $1 million, according to Douglas K. Guerrero, chairman of Chico State CIM Patrons, Chico, Calif.

  • PCA Announces Sustainable Winners

    The Portland Cement Association, Skokie, Ill., recently announced its 2009 Sustainable Leadership Award winners.



  • The Rivulets Remain a Pain

    This month's analytical development ties together all of the facts of the streak and etching problems.



  • A House of Cards

    For all its unpretentiousness, the lowly slab on grade is consistently the center of more disputes over alleged quality deficiencies than any other building element. It's been 40 years since Neil Armstrong confirmed man's engineering prowess. So why is it that the concrete flooring industry still...



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    Concrete That Glows

    Imagine walking up the front walkway to your house at night and seeing the path lit up, not due to flood lights, but because the concrete illuminates light.



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    Size and Engine Choices

    Stone Smooth Operator power trowels are available in 24-, 36-, 46-, and 48-in. diameters.

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    All-Hydraulic Operation

    This hydraulic-powered riding trowel includes a 60-hp Cummins Turbo Diesel engine and low weight-to-horsepower ratio.

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    Three Engine Options

    The three models in the expanded CRT 48 ride-on trowel series feature improved steering and a torsion-assist steering system.

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    Blades For Any Application

    Stens Corp's line of trowel blades meets a variety of project needs.


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  • On a Roll

    Ward Pedley Jr. might be the face of polished concrete. The head of Pedley Concrete in Owensboro, Ky., has been a concrete contractor for 28 years and has branched into polished concrete in just the last two years.

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    A New Bridge Deck in 11 Hours

    A bridge leading visitors to a Harley Davidson plant in Milwaukee had seen better days. A combination of heavy traffic and brutal winter weather had taken its toll on the concrete surface.

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    As Sustainable as it is Gorgeous

    For clothing designer/retailer Eileen Fisher, sustainability and authenticity were the winning combination.

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    Professional Dye

    Brickform Pro-Dye is a translucent solvent dye that penetrates the surface of newly cured or existing concrete.

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    Spray-, Brush-, Roll-On Stain

    Reactive Concrete Acid Stains contain inorganic salts dissolved in water that penetrate deeply, creating a durable and permanent color.

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    Penetrating Colorant

    Dye-namic dyes are manufactured with UV-resistant colorant designed to penetrate open concrete surfaces, including polished concrete.

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    Water-Based Stain

    NewLook's water-based Concrete Stains allow you to perform much of the repairs, concrete preparation, and staining during off-peak times.

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    Concentrated Color Dye

    Deso Dyes are liquid-colored concentrates designed for use over regular concrete or concrete resurfacing products.

  • Decorative Sealer

    Wet Look Green is a high-performance, solvent-based sealer for concrete and masonry that meets even the strictest local VOC requirements.

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    Care of Concrete

    The Diamabrush Multi-Step Concrete Floor Polishing System makes it easy for concrete floors to look their best.

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    Casting Stone

    Tuscan Stone and Tuscan Plaster hand-applied limestone coatings combine the convenience of field-applied finishes.

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    Applicators and Accessories

    The installation of sealers and coatings requires application equipment designed to handle epoxies, urethanes, and acrylics.

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    Angle Grinder for Decorative Work

    The 1803EVS Small Angle Grinder has a sensitive variable speed control of 2800 to 11,000 rpm.