• Adjusting to the Year Ahead

    The ability to shift on the fly and adapt your business plan to the fluctuating construction market is critical for your survival in 2010 and beyond.



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    Wrapping it Up

    The Loma Prieta earthquake near San Francisco in 1989 and the Northridge earthquake near Los Angeles in 1994 led to a sense of urgency in seismic strengthening of bridges and buildings throughout California.

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    Sky High Floor Repair

    The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) trains workers in aircraft and airport maintenance, engineering, and flight operations. When the institute in Burnaby, B.C., opened a new hangar recently, it had a much more down-to-earth dilemma to tackle.

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    Floor Finishing

    With the finishing equipment available today, almost anyone can get a decent finish and adequate surface profile tolerances in the interior, wide-open portions of a slab placement.

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    Surveying and Layout Work

    The market trend continues toward contractors buying into sophisticated surveying technologies.



Product Selection Guide

  • Product Selection Guide — Epoxies

    Whether it is used for patching or filling cracks, epoxy is an economical solution for repairing imperfections in concrete. Many specialized epoxy products are designed to meet needs such as high-traffic areas, corrosive environments, decorative projects,


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    Avoiding Overlay Problems

    Over the next few months, interest in the next round of infrastructure repair projects could bring some much needed work to contractors who treat concrete surfaces.


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  • Good Measure

    Tom Tedford makes a living installing underlayments for concrete floors in the Phoenix area. As a pro, he knows how cumbersome the leveling process can be for large projects.



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    H. Gordon Gates Passes Away

    Gordon Gates, a member of Gates & Sons Inc., Denver, for more than 60 years, passed away Dec. 20, 2009, at the age of 86.



  • Strength—Again?

    Reader Jeffrey Cannon, principal, Kleinfelder, Sacramento, Calif., asked about the six diagrams showing break configurations of concrete tested cylinders.




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    Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls

    When you add the lack of attentiveness to the risk and the sheer number of exposures, then multiply it by the costs of responding to slip- and trip-related injuries, you end up with a hazard that can cause significant injury, cost, and lost time to your projects.



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    Coupler Enhancement

    The 907H has an auxiliary hydraulic system, Cat C3.4 diesel engine, two-speed hydrostatic drive, and parallel-lift Z-bar loader linkage.

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    Increased Productivity

    Increased productivity and operator comfort make the WA50-6 compact wheel loader ideal for construction, landscaping, and other applications.

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    Maneuver in Tight Spaces

    The TL80 Compact Wheel Loader is ideal for digging, loading, and hauling jobsite materials.

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    Wheel Loaders with Long Service Intervals

    The L45F and L50F wheel loaders include Torque Parallel loader linkage, 100% axle differential locks, and Volvo Care Cab.



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    Drilling to the Finish Line

    The reconstruction of Runway 7R/25L at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas involved paving a new runway, drilling 59,000 dowel holes, and epoxying the dowel bars into place in a little over six months' time.


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    Uncharted Waters

    Dan Bishop never dreamed of building a boat deck with polished concrete. But when a loyal customer asked Bishop, president of Moderncrete Concrete Design of Austin, Texas, to recreate the deck of a fishing boat, his team of concrete artisans went to work.

  • How to Repair a Scaled Surface

    QUESTION: We have been asked to treat an interior concrete slab's surface inside a store. The concrete is about three years old, but the store is only now ready to open. The unheated shell was exposed to winter weather for two seasons. The design originally called for a stained concrete floor. This...

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    Looking Ahead at World of Concrete

    It's fair to say World of Concrete did not surprise many people this year. We all thought attendance would be down, and it was. And we all thought that talk of future business prospects would be a main topic of conversation, and it was.