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    An Ounce of Surface Prevention Will Be Worth a Pound of Maintenance Cure

    Just as important to the architect was the selection of a durable waterproof parking surface. The architects worked closely with Durex Coverings, the installing contractor, to select the proper deck protection system.

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    Joint Sealing Solutions

    But effective, watertight joint systems do exist. Specifically engineered to address the shortcomings of buried, sheet-membrane joint treatments that pre-date it by decades, these systems are all descendants of a product called Migutan by Emseal.

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    Quick Slab Drying

    Often construction schedules won't allow the luxury of waiting for a slab to dry to manufacturer's specifications before proceeding with scheduled flooring work.

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    More than Filling the Gap

    While they constitute only a small percentage of a construction budget, joint sealants and other waterproofing-related issues are responsible for a majority of post-construction complaints and requests for retrofits.

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    Keeping Up with the Times

    Waterproofing materials have evolved into products that not only protect structures well, but their application can be streamlined into every project's critical path task schedule.

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    Coating Concrete Parking Structures

    Whether they're inside of residential or commercial buildings, or part of an independent structure, traffic-bearing surfaces of concrete parking decks can be exposed to conditions that require a different approach to coating.

  • Problem Clinic: Clear Water Repellent Treatments for Concrete Masonry

    We are considering bidding a project that would involve applying a clear water repellent on a recently constructed concrete block building. How should we approach the selection process for the proper material?

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    Beautiful Garage Ultimate Protection

    When designers planned the redevelopment of a historic neighborhood in Kansas City, they ran into a "small" problem. A small, condemned parking garage had to be replaced and a new one had to be designed.

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    Look Who's Sealing Now!

    Our mission is to provide you with the technical skills and knowledge of concrete surface treatments that will help you expand your business.