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    All-In-One Subsurface Barrier

    The Barrier acts as a thermal barrier, vapor barrier, moisture barrier, and radon barrier, all in one.

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    Replacing Stamped Concrete

    Shortly after the Core Library at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., was built in the 1950s, the 40,000-square-foot plaza began leaking into the bookstacks below.

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    Polyurea to the Rescue

    During the testing phase of constructing circular grit chambers in a wastewater treatment plant in Ft. Wayne, Ind., crews discovered serious leakage problems.

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    Problem Clinic: Surface Preparation Is Critical for Bond

    As a floor covering installer, I often find a waxy substance on the concrete slab surface. I am frequently told this won't cause a problem. What is this material?

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    Putting the Shine in Cardel Place

    A new 195,000-square-foot recreation center is packed with amenities, but more importantly it is Calgary's first project to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification.

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    Train Like A Champion

    Let's not kid ourselves. Go to work and hear that training is on the day's schedule and you probably won't do somersaults and walk around with a wide smile.

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    Surface Preparation System

    The Lavina 20 and 25 variable-speed surface preparation machines operate on 208-240 V power.

  • Underslab Waterproofing System

    The System III moisture barrier forms a seamless and redundant moisture barrier with a spray-applied Ecoline-S waterproofing membrane.

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    Restore and Resurface with Epoxy

    Abocrete epoxy patching and resurfacing cement/grout restores structures, including concrete, masonry, decks, runways, and docks.

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    Cold-Applied Joint Sealant

    DynaTred seals joints in parking decks, ramps, walkways, stadiums, and warehouses.

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    Water Repellent Protects Masonry

    Mix Microseal with water onsite to form a deep-penetrating, alkali-resistant water-repellent emulsion.

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    High-Performance Sealers

    Flexmar Coating's polyaspartic polyurea sealers are both decorative and protective.

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    Pumpable Underlayment

    LeveLayer self-leveling floor underlayment can be pumped or poured for a smooth subfloor that can be ready for floor covering.

  • Floor-to-Floor Waterproofing

    Access Floor Waterproofing is a multi-layer flooring application designed to prevent leakage through raised access floors.

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    Sealer Repels Water

    Clear Shield is a water-based siloxane that repels water and protects concrete and masonry surfaces.

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    Cavity Wall Barrier Seal

    Roller- or spray-apply Barriseal to a variety of concrete surfaces to form a flexible air/vapor barrier for cavity wall construction.

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    Basement Waterproofing

    Tuff-N-Dri basement waterproofing system consists of a seamless membrane that seals out leaks and seepage from basement walls.

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    Tough Concrete Grinders

    CS Unitec's concrete grinders remove epoxy, paint, and other coatings, and smooth rough surfaces.

  • Water-Based Sealer

    Aquron SPT-1200 is a clear, penetrating treatment for sealing and preserving brick, slate, stone, concrete, and stucco.

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    Protect Against Moisture

    VaporFlex under slab vapor barrier prevents moisture and water vapor from infiltrating through concrete slabs and foundations.

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    Lockback Pocketknives

    Compact and durable, six new lightweight lockback pocketknives open quickly and safely with one hand thanks to a textured thumb stud.

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    Hand Trowels

    Wagman Pro Hand Trowels are available in high-quality heat-treated, high-carbon steel for durability or stainless steel for special applications.

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    GPR System Delivers Images Fast

    The Conquest GPR system is designed to quickly evaluate concrete.

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    Surface Profilers

    Hum-B profilers are surface scarifiers designed for preparing concrete, terrazzo, stone, and masonry.

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    Multi-Purpose Adhesive

    NobleBond EXT bonding agent is a wet-set adhesive that provides a high-strength, water-resistant bond coat.

  • Dust-Free Workplace

    Rated for continuous pickup of chips, dust, and powders, the DS 2720 vacuum maintains clean, dust-free workplaces.

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    Cold Temperature Mortar

    Arctic Freezite is a 100% solids epoxy mortar that offers fail-safe repairs in temperatures as low as -10° F.

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    Firm, Flexible Sealant

    Deck-O-Seal two-part, polysulfide-based joint sealant is pourable, self-leveling, and non-staining.

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    Three-Ply Vapor Barrier

    Viper VaporCheck is a three-ply membrane that protects against soil gas and moisture diffusion through a concrete slab.

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    New Polyurea Joint Filler

    QWIKjoint 300 is a new generation polyurea joint filler that cures faster than existing polyurea fillers.