September 2005 Table of Contents

Biased Towards Greatness Editorial Comment Biased Towards Greatness

Choosing the 10 most influential people in the concrete industry is a daunting task—one I approached with some trepidation. How could we single out 10 people from among all those doing great work? Read more

Software for Hard Jobs Features Software for Hard Jobs

Like a kid jumping into the pool feet first, the construction industry has rapidly gone from lagging to leading in the use of computers. Read more

Software for Hard Jobs Features Software for Hard Jobs

Like a kid jumping into the pool feet first, the construction industry has rapidly gone from lagging to leading in the use of computers. Read more

Having Problems Motivating Employees? Look in the Mirror. The Business of Concrete Contracting Having Problems Motivating Employees? Look in the Mirror.

How can we get our field managers to work as hard and care as much about the project as we do? Read more

Reader Response Another Measurement System

Did you know that the rest of the world now uses a system called metric? Read more

Reader Response Transcona Grain Elevator

The 1913 Transcona grain elevator is known to all University of Manitoba civil engineering graduates because a photo of the classic foundation failure on the lacustrine clays hung for decades outside the head of department's office as a warning to do better geo-technical engineering. Read more

Reader Response Parrish & Heimbecker Grain Terminal

One example of an older concrete silo is the Parrish & Heimbecker grain terminal in Winnipeg (Transcona) Manitoba Read more

Reader Response More Grain Elevators

In 1899, St. Louis Park became the home to the world's first concrete, tubular grain elevator. Read more

Reader Response Correction: Thermosetting
News & Events News & Events

Highway bill passed, ACI 318-05 Building Code requirements for structural concrete, self-consolidating concrete conference and more. Read more

The World As We Have Known It Erlin & Hime on Concrete The World As We Have Known It

We have been inside and outside a lot of problems during our combined 100-plus years of service to our industry. Read more

Artificial Polymer Rockwork Decorative Concrete Artificial Polymer Rockwork

A method that also uses polymer cements is to mix polystyrene fine aggregates with port-land cement and polymer modifiers to create a mix that is very light and can be applied to vertical areas without sagging. Read more

Products Cimex-USA CR48 Diamond Finisher

The CR48 Diamond Finisher is an operator-friendly floor finishing system for the preparation and restoration of cement, marble, granite, terrazzo, and other stone floors. Read more

Products The Sherwin-Williams Co. Thin-Set Epoxy Terrazzo

Developed with natural marble aggregate, granite, mother-of-pearl, polyester chips, or recycled glass, the Thin-Set Epoxy Terrazzo system has a decorative, seamless finish well suited for high traffic. Read more

Products Proline Concrete Tools Border Art Stamps

Designed for decorative flat-work, the Border Art Stamps are laid first, and covered with the desired texture skin. Read more

Products Brickform side forms

These side forms produce a beautiful chiseled edge for risers, terracing, and even concrete countertops. Read more

Moving Forward with Concrete Pumps Concrete Basics Moving Forward with Concrete Pumps

Centuries ago, builders used buckets, barrels, and wheelbarrows to help erect the pyramids. Oddly, many contractors are still using that back-breaking, outdated technology for concrete and mortar jobs. Read more

Products Solving Problems Time and Labor Savings in Store with Macrofibers

Encompassing more than 200,000 square feet of retail space, Wal-Mart's new Salt Lake City Supercenter attracts thousands of shoppers each year. Read more

Problem Clinic Stone, Gravel, or Aggregate?

I have a specification calling for #89 gravel in the concrete mix and #57 stone for the subbase. What do these numbers mean? Read more

Problem Clinic When to Build

How soon can block wall construction begin on the edge of a concrete slab foundation? Read more

Problem Clinic Acceptable Cracks

I hope that you may be able to shed some light on what an “acceptable” crack is in a residential slab. When it does crack, what is the industry standard for an acceptable crack? Read more

Other Articles
Product Update Software for Contractors

Product Update Read more

Sidney Lanier Bridge: Brunswick, Georgia Project of the Month Sidney Lanier Bridge: Brunswick, Georgia

Traversing the Brunswick River, the new 2500-foot-long Sidney Lanier Bridge is the longest and tallest cable-stayed bridge in Georgia. T.Y. Lin International designed the concrete alternative, which replaces a 1956 lift-span bridge. Read more

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