January 2006 Table of Contents

AMVIC ICF Systems Features AMVIC ICF Systems

AMVIC manufactures units with a higher than normal foam density (1.5 pounds per cubic inch). Read more

Features Arxx ICF Systems

Arxx units are preassembled and have exposed webs that install flush with the outside of the panel. Read more

Commercial Block Systems ICF Systems Features Commercial Block Systems ICF Systems

Commercial Block Systems' is designed for speedy installation on the jobsite. Read more

Eco-Block ICF Systems Features Eco-Block ICF Systems

Eco-Block's units are shipped flat and assembled on the jobsite to make blocks of any width, in 2-inch increments. Read more

Integraspec ICF Systems Features Integraspec ICF Systems

Integraspec manufactures an “independent panel” system, making it possible to set up inside and outside walls separately. Read more

Nudura ICF Systems Features Nudura ICF Systems

Nudura's block system is shipped flat to the jobsite and the plastic ties are permanently mounted to the foam walls. Read more

Quad-lock ICF Systems Features Quad-lock ICF Systems

Quad-lock units are shipped flat and assembled onsite and they offer three different insulation values: R22, R32, and R40. Read more

Updating a Classic River Crossing Features Updating a Classic River Crossing

Now part of the Capitol Beltway (I-495), the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge was originally built in the 1960s. Designed to carry only a third of its present day volume, the bridge is the only Potomac River crossing in the southern half of the Washington metropolitan area and a significant traffic bottleneck. Read more

The Children's Garden Features The Children's Garden

As part of its “Branching Out” program, the Morton Arboretum added a children's garden. The six-year project provides children a unique environment to learn about plants through interaction. Much thought was given to how children would engage in the surroundings. Read more

Features Arena Showcases Strength and Speed

When RG Properties brought the Salmon Kings hockey team to Victoria in 2004, they also spawned the need for a new arena. Canadian grocer Save-On-Foods also provided support for the project and received naming rights for 10 years. Read more

SCC and Formwork Pressure Features SCC and Formwork Pressure

In 2005, The Citadel Military College began reconstructing the Law Barracks, a 1939 historical landmark. In 2004, industry experts had developed a mixture using self-consolidating concrete (SCC) to successfully restore the Padgett-Thomas Barracks. Read more

Features Power Plant Construction Needs Powerful Equipment

The on-going energy development of Hydro-Québec is part of a $2 billion project undertaken by SEBJ-Societe Energie de Baie James. The new Eastmain-1 hydroelectric power plant—located on the Eastmain River near James Bay—is designed to generate 480 megawatts of electric power. Read more

Modular Tilt-Up Classrooms Features Modular Tilt-Up Classrooms

In 2002, Florida voters passed an amendment that set classroom student limits at 18 for elementary schools, 22 for middle schools, and 25 in high schools by the 2010-2011 school year. To create suitable classroom space, the district opted to construct modular classrooms. Read more

Features Paving a Colorado Interstate

The removal, reconstruction, and widening of Interstate 25 north of Denver involved rebuilding and widening from four lanes to six. Lawson Construction Company, Longmont, Colo., rebuilt 7.5 miles and was responsible for final trimming of the grade and all of the concrete paving, from ramps to shoulders to the interstate paving.Read more

Pumping Concrete under Roof Features Pumping Concrete under Roof

Edwards Concrete Construction, Evansville, Ind., is responsible for placing, and finishing more than 4000 cubic yards of concrete for the floor slabs at the new Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center located near the contractor's headquarters. To meet construction deadlines and avoid potential problems posed by severe winter weather, the center's project designers elected to build the walls and roof first. Read more

The World's Largest Aquarium Features The World's Largest Aquarium

On groundbreaking day for the Georgia Aquarium, May 29, 2003, the Brasfield & Gorrie design-build team stood looking at the barren 10-acre site recently cleared to make way for the mammoth structure. To build an aquarium on this spot in 2.5 years seemed like an impossible challenge. Read more

Features Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Country Club

Decorative concrete provides an elegant look and feel to many of the public entryways. This porte-cochere features a variety of stamps, stains, and integral color. Read more

First Stage of a Landmark Building Features First Stage of a Landmark Building

On the banks of the Chicago River, construction of the Trump International Hotel & Tower is in its early stages with the recent completion of its mat-slab. Designed and engineered by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill (SOM), the multi-use building will be structurally reinforced concrete, standing 1160 feet tall with 2.6 million square feet of floor space. Read more

Concrete Wall Art Features Concrete Wall Art

The congested southern approach to Denver along Interstates 25 and 225 is getting a massive and much needed makeover. Read more

One Chance for Perfection Features One Chance for Perfection

Construction of the Woodruff Arts Center in the heart of Atlanta's art district started with self consolidating concrete (SCC) to create a smooth, void-free surface on 1400 linear feet of wall that ranged from 9 inches to 4 feet thick and from 16 to 35 feet high. Read more

A New Frank Lloyd Wright Project Features A New Frank Lloyd Wright Project

Designed in 1950 for a specific site (a rock out-cropping passes right through the home) on an island in Lake Mahopac near Carmel, N.Y., this home is approaching completion. The structurally reinforced concrete design remains faithful to Wright's original plans, but improvements in concrete technology over the past 55 years are evident. Read more

Milestones in Moving Materials Features Milestones in Moving Materials

Concrete Construction drew its first breath in the midst of an industry that was enjoying explosive post-WWII market growth and technological innovation. The days of portable onsite mixers and slow placement methods were slipping away. Ready-mixed concrete was becoming ubiquitous, delivering large batches that had to be placed promptly. This, in turn, drove advancements such as pumps, conveyors, power vibrators, screeds, and troweling machines, all designed to allow placing and finishing concrete at high rates. Read more

Features Crack-Free Bridge Decks

Nearly all bridge decks are constructed of concrete. And almost all concrete bridge decks contain cracks—lots of cracks. Cracks are the bane of deck longevity. They allow the ingress of salts that cause corrosion of the reinforcing steel, exacerbating concrete cracking and loss of structural capacity. Read more

Issues in Post-tensioned Construction Features Issues in Post-tensioned Construction

Post-tensioned concrete construction is a little different than standard reinforced concrete construction. There are several construction issues with post-tensioned concrete that are found consistently among engineers and contractors. Understanding the causes of some of these problems should help contractors build better post-tensioned structures. Read more

Using High-Volume Flyash Concrete Features Using High-Volume Flyash Concrete

The use of HVFA is not without reaction from the construction community. Yes, it can achieve performance equal to regular concrete and can do so at a comparable price. But, depending on the application, the owner must be willing to accept changes in scheduling, cost, or both. Read more

Features Going Commercial With ICFS

Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) continue to gain popularity for above-grade residential concrete construction. But increasingly, ICFs are also being used for commercial construction. Joe Lyman, director of the Insulating Concrete Forms Association (ICFA), Glenview, Ill., says that over the past year, 28% of all ICF sales went to commercial projects, a percentage that increases each year. Read more

Resource Management Features Resource Management

It is no secret that big companies benefit from their buying power. Through the collective purchase of thousands of products on a national scale, such firms are able to negotiate better pricing and even better delivery in some cases. However, as one company has shown, regardless of your size, you can save money by partnering with the providers of your products and services. By taking the time to research costs and create a long-term partnership with your trusted vendors, you can save money and deliver value that benefits your entire operation. Read more

The Right Mix for Tilt-Up Features The Right Mix for Tilt-Up

To assume that the mix-design specifications for tilt-up projects are the same as for other concrete jobs is a grave mistake. Certain factors must be given careful consideration when designing a mix for today's increasingly complex and architecturally sophisticated tilt-up projects. Read more

Concrete at Its Best 2005 Features Concrete at Its Best 2005

CC's editors have selected 14 projects that represent what's possible to accomplish with concrete. Read more

The Business of Concrete Contracting Driving performance through organizational accountability

Have you ever wondered why one contractor performs better than another? The tendency is to look at the differences as a matter of personnel, equipment, or just better luck with the weather. In fact, when two companies are facing the same uncontrollable variables, the company that performs best is the one that has developed a performance culture. Read more

Reader Response Contractor to Watch

It would be an understatement to say we were ecstatic when your publication named Lampasona Concrete as a Contractor to Watch (April 2005). In addition, it gave us an overwhelming sense of accomplishment to be listed in the CC100 for the second time. Read more

Reader Response Ten Most Influential

What a delight! I know selection of the top 10 in the industry was a tough project. I can just imagine the discussions! Your editorial was lovely, especially the point about Jim Shilstone! He will love it. Job well done. Thanks. Read more

Reader Response Safety problem?

I find your magazine informative and helpful—thanks for a quality product. However, I am concerned about the picture on the cover of the August issue. It appears that the leg straps of the worker's fall protection harness are not buckled. That may send the wrong message to some readers. Read more

Reader Response Good Form Lines

Most of the photos used in the article “Forming for Decorative Concrete” (August 2005, p. 56) depicted poor concrete formwork Read more

News & Events News & Events

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) plans to initiate an annual series of Concrete Technology Forums that will cover topical subjects for practitioners and users. Read more

Decorative Concrete The White Stuff

A driveway I built recently with a reddish integral color has white splotchy patches that I'm told is efflorescence. What went wrong that this happened and how do I get rid of it? Read more

Decorative Concrete Problem Clinic

I have a client who wants me to use a “Kool Deck” style spray-on overlay on a badly deteriorated pool deck. The deck has spalled areas and some cracks that are about 1/8 inch wide. If I go ahead and do this job, will it stay down and bridge the cracks? Read more

Decorative Concrete Reader Response

In Decorative Problem Clinic (October), the response to the question “Which is more important for a concrete countertop: reinforcement or a strong concrete mix design?” brought up excellent points. Understanding the forces that cause cracking or curling helps concrete countertop fabricators produce a better product. Read more

Decorative Concrete Stencils Decorative Concrete Decorative Concrete Stencils

Because stencils can be used as masks with a variety of decorative materials such as colored overlay cements, chemical stains, water-based stains, sand blasting, and decorative epoxy coatings, their use has been increasing. Read more

Hose Idea Has a Ring to It Products Solving Problems Hose Idea Has a Ring to It

The problem is as old as concrete pumping itself: jobsite damage caused by the weight and movement of the pump hose. Read more

Products Solving Problems Easy Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings

Many industrial and commercial concrete floors are not protected. As a result they can suffer irreparable damage from many sources. Read more

Products Solving Problems World's Largest Fabric Form Column Pads

The Giusti Group, Calgary, constructed concrete foundations, columns, and floors for a six-story concrete and steel condominium project in Kelowna, B.C. Read more

Problem Clinic An ACI Student Competition

In an effort to encourage students to become more aware of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and someday become members, the ACI Construction Liaison Committee, along with the Kansas and Missouri Chapters of ACI, sponsored a competition to solve a con Read more

Contractor to Watch Cornerstone Concrete Inc.

When I graduated from high school, I took a job in Nebraska working at a concrete plant doing small flat-work jobs. Read more

Other Articles
Economically Attractive Field Applications Self-Consolidating Concrete Economically Attractive Field Applications

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is one of the most innovative and flexible building materials introduced in recent years. Its introduction has provided concrete purchasers with a new means to maximize the productivity of their operations. Concrete construction contractors are now faced with the challenge of valuing this productivity benefit and deciding where to use SCC within their concrete practice. Read more

World of Concrete The Artistry Demos at the World of Concrete

Now in its 4th year, the Artistry in Concrete Demos at the World of Concrete will again attract large crowds of contractors and design professionals. The many visitors will come to see the creative efforts of decorative concrete artisans and maybe come away with ideas about new trends in the industry. Read more

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