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Signs of the Future

This week, many of you attended the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas, which offered attendees a glimpse into the future-the New American Home. The NAH's exterior walls as well as the foundation walls were constructed using ICFs. Typically, an ICF application helps a homeowner use nearly 70% less energy for heating, and 60% less energy for cooling when compared to a traditional wood frame home. More

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The 2004 CC100: Signs of a Steady Rebound

Overall the CC100 contractors had a pretty good year in 2003, and most are having an even better start to 2004. This article includes the top 100 contractors for 2003 by revenue. Also shown are the top 20 “pure” commercial concrete contractors, the 20 fastest growning companies, and the top decorative, residential, and tilt-up contractors. More

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