Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Pavilion

Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Pavillion

Concrete Construction and Concrete Surfaces magazines are launching the Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Pavilion, which will feature a variety of events and demonstrations devoted specifically to concrete contractors involved in surface restoration and repair.

Artistry in Decorative Concrete

For the ninth year, the Artistry Demos will feature a dozen decorative contractors known for their creative skills are invited to demonstrate their work.


Other Events

2011 Editorial Tour: Hoover Dam Bypass

Join the editors of Concrete Construction and The Concrete Producer on this exclusive tour of the Hoover Dam and the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

CIM Annual Auction

Give back to the industry by supporting the Concrete Industry Management (CIM). Bid in the annual auctionon a number of items; proceeds go to supporting CIM students.

Contractor Clinics

Contractor Clinics will feature presentations to demonstrate attendees new techniques, materials, and tools used in concrete construction.

Masonry Heater Association of North America

The editors of Masonry Construction magazine will host a demonstration area in the construction of masonry heaters.

New Technologies for Greenhouse Gas & Fuel Economy Regulation Compliance

This event includes presentations on current product offerings, future technology developments, and regulatory issues that affect the development and deployment of clean, advanced technology vehicles.


Areas on the Show Floor


The GRENSITE area at WOC offers you a numer of opportunities to learn about green build technologies.

Product Showcase

See all the coolest products to keep your business on the cutting edge!

Most Innovative Products

Check out the winners of the Most Innovative Products awards along with past winners.


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