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For nearly 20 years, Anne Balogh has been a contributing author for, the top online resource for the decorative concrete industry. With a background in concrete construction journalism, Anne shares valuable tips for creating incredible decorative concrete work. can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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    No matter how you choose to incorporate it, concrete makes a statement.

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    If you are like most contractors, you are probably sprinting to get jobs completed by the end of the year, eager to get expenditures fulfilled and "off the books." But what about next year? Have you set aside time to plan ahead? Unfortunately, many contractors miss out on the opportunity to plan ahead for profitable growth. Here are five steps to help you build a strategic plan for your business.

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    In tornado-prone areas, safe rooms-located either inside or outside a home-can save lives. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends building these windowless shelters using high-strength materials, such as reinforced concrete or masonry, so they can resist winds of up to 250 mph.

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    Unlike most insulating concrete forming systems, which sandwich cast-in-place concrete between interior and exterior layers of insulation, the Thermalwall building system uses 4-inch-thick extruded expanded polystyrene panels to form only the exterior of

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    Convinced there had to be an easier way to form concrete footings, builder Richard Fearn invented and patented two fabric forming systems that overcome many of the disadvantages of using lumber.

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