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  • Safety Matters

    A concrete crew was given the task of building a retention structure to collect runoff water from a shopping mall parking lot. They excavated the construction site in preparation for forming and pouring the wall footers.

  • Safety Matters

    A concrete contractor was placing and finishing elevated concrete slabs on the metal deck of a municipal exhibition hall. Summertime temperatures and morning rush-hour traffic forced concrete deliveries to start at 4 a.m. Power buggies were used to transport the deck concrete. To provide a runway for the buggies and to protect the finished floor, crews laid out sheets of plywood.

  • Features

    Early one fall morning, a concrete formwork crew was building a machine base in a new industrial plant, using gang forms to encase the mass concrete and tons of reinforcing steel. High placing accuracy was needed because huge base anchor bolts to secure the machine had to line up precisely. A crane was available to handle heavy loads.

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