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    To build the roller-compacted-concrete (RCC) Cuchillo Negro Dam, PCL Civil Constructors Inc. used a conveyor system that delivered the RCC mix from the mixing plant to the dam site. The 1,500 feet of conveyors with a maximum belt capacity of almost 9 cubic yards per minute delivered the RCC mix to the jobsite without interruption or downtime. PCL placed an average of 158 cubic yards an hour during the 62-day pour.

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    FNF Construction Inc. is using cement-stabilized alluvium (CSA) to channelize the Rio Salado's flow through Tempe, Arizona. By mixing portland cement, Class F fly ash, and native river bed (alluvial) soil, FNF is producing a CSA end product. While CSA is not new, using the extra-coarse alluvial deposits found in the Rio Salado bed is a new approach that offers increased durability and abrasion resistance.

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    To complete an underground section of roadway, an Arizona contractor had to develop equipment for placing 7-ton precast concrete panels in tight quarters. The contractor, M. M. Sundt Construction Co., was to provide the lighting, signing, pavement markings, and electrical and mechanical systems. The only unusual part of the job was that the mechanical systems involved ventilation because the road is underground.

  • Summer concreting at 110 degrees F in an arid climate and on a massive scale resembles any other hot weather concreting.

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