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  • The finishing and aesthetics of concrete sinks require precision and knowledge of concrete mixes, mold making, and integrating hardware.

  • Concrete steps can be found in almost every home with finishes from natural gray to colored and decorative.

  • Concrete is a diverse structural and design element for modern home building. In the past 10 years the Arts and Crafts movement has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, and is being used in the design of concrete elements inside of homes. Contractors and architects have been able to take the comfort, warmth, and fine craftsmanship shown in the simple, clean lines of this style and apply it to concrete walls. In some cases, the contractors are even incorporating more creative methods, such as leaving exposed beams, nail holes or luminous effects, in order to balance a natural concrete look indoors and out.

  • Homeowners upgrading their pool deck may find a fresh start less expensive and more creative.

  • The basement is no longer a place to store Aunt Ida's old furniture.

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