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  • Second kitchens are not a new idea. Before the days of air conditioning, homes with basements sometimes had kitchens downstairs to use during hot weather.

  • Every builder who uses removable concrete forming (RCF) systems does not build in the same way. Some use concrete throughout the home—for the exterior and interior walls and for the decks that form the floors and ceilings; others use concrete for the shell and build interior walls and floors of wood; others still use RCFs to build the basement and first level only.

  • The state of the art, coloring possibilities, new stamping tools and creative approaches have taken stamped concrete from second class status to art form.

  • The bathroom is an intimate room, not a place for cold, hard edges. So why is concrete increasingly used in bathrooms?

  • Decorative Concrete Project of the Year

    The selections here demonstrate how decorative concrete in public spaces and the commercial sector continues to grow and mature. Whether in schools, churches, retail spaces, theaters, grocery stores, and corporate headquarters or along beachfronts, the following projects demonstrate decorative concrete found throughout the country and beyond.

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