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    The first U.S. use of post-tensioned concrete was on the Walnut Lane Bridge in Philadelphia in 1949 with precast post-tensioned girders. The first post-tensioning in buildings was in the late 1950s in lift-slab construction.

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    I was sorry to read in the December issue that the “Hime & Erlin on Concrete” column will be their last.

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    After a highly successful first run, the Post-Tensioning Institute's Design and Construction of Post-Tensioned Slabs-on-Ground has been extensively revised. Since the book's initial publication in 1980, it has been used by engineers and contractors to successfully design and construct hundreds of thousands of post-tensioned slabs on ground. The new 1996 edition reflects the industry's current knowledge of post-tensioned ground-supported slabs and is easier for design professionals to use.

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