Mark Clement

Mark Clement is a former editor of Tools of the Trade, as well as remodeling carpenter, business owner, and flipper of a few houses. To date he remains a B+ drywall finisher and tile setter and painter. He's also a presenter at the R|D|J shows. He can set a kitchen just as well as the next guy, but decks and pergolas are where it’s at for him. Along the way he’s worked behind the scenes (and in front of them) on various television shows from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to Spartan Race.

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  • Wicking technology in a neck gaiter is designed to keep you cool.

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    Cordless tools do more and do it better every year. Their gearing becomes more efficient, materials get lighter and stronger, and ergonomics improve. But engineers know that ergonomics are window dressing compared with performance, and they continually focus on ways to improve battery life and power.

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