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  • With its ability to manage surface water runoff, the construction industry has known that pervious concrete is “green.” It is now discovering that pervious concrete can also be tan, red, black, or brown. That's because pervious concrete can be integrally colored to match the surrounding landscape or to provide a complementary or contrasting hue to make pavement stand out visually.

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    Affluent baby boomers becoming empty-nesters are fueling a demand for luxury urban living.

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    The truck mixer has moved into position on your jobsite and begins discharging concrete. With a quick field test, you determine that the concrete isn't suitable for the intended use. Fortunately, contractors may be able to fix some concrete mixes onsite by using water reducers and other admixtures available in preweighed portions. Packaged in bags, the admixtures can be conveniently tossed into the truck mixer, eliminating spillage and waste.

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