Pete Reed

Pete Reed is chief estimator for Wm. Winkler Co. in Newman Lake, Wash. E-mail [email protected].

Pete Reed's Posts

  • Pavement

    Easy to place and finish, compacted concrete pavement may be the pavement of the future.

  • Technological advances in mix design and construction techniques have allowed for successful ultra-thin overlays that provide life-cycle benefits far beyond the initial cost.

  • Using SCC provides scheduling and cost advantages.

  • Features

    When Whiteman Industries, a division of Multiquip Inc., Carson, Calif., built a new 134,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Boise, Idaho, in 1998, it hired Concrete Northwest of Idaho to do all the concrete work. Whiteman also gave CNI a unique opportunity: the chance to test drive the latest Whiteman line of placing and finishing equipment.

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