Peter Wagner

Peter Wagner is Director of Supporting Products Development for Curecrete Distribution Inc. in of Springville, Utah, manufacturer of Ashford Formula, the RetroPlate System, and Kickstart clarity enhancer. E-mail [email protected].

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  • Concrete Surfaces - Features

    School districts embrace green construction and polished concrete.

  • Reader Response

    Lithium silicates are the new darling of the chemical hardening and densification industry, and though it is important that new products are discussed, it is more important that they are presented, not only for their stated features, but also for what act

  • Concrete Surfaces

    Polished concrete is a very viable flooring option for commercial and retail facilities, as well as schools and factories.

  • Reader Response

    Your July 2005 news story “U.S. Cement Shortage Dire” indicates that the AGC has urged intervention to remove barriers to Mexican cement.

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