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  • As director of ASCC’s Safety & Risk Management Council, Scott Greenhaus is the point of the arrow aimed at the heart of ASCC's safety goal, making him one of this year's Most Influential People in Concrete Construction.

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    One of the biggest challenges to any high-rise repair project is securing access to work areas. Swing stages are generally the best option, as they allow you to concentrate access only on the areas that need repair.

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    One of our greatest challenges as an industry is the development of our people. The issue is directly tied to employee morale, retention, and even our end-product. As such, the development of training programs that allow individuals to discover their skills and interests is crucial to creating a successful environment within a company. Educational programs demonstrate the commitment you are making to your team and ensure that your organization is staffed with people who fit well into your company's culture and goals, both today and tomorrow. And, when education is successfully matched to a person's knowledge, skill, and attitude, leadership skills result.

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