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    Synthetic fibers have been around for 25 years, and are acknowledged as being effective at controlling plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete and can be beneficial to help concrete resist abrasion and impact. A new generation of fibers, though, has now be

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    Pick up the remote control, flip the switch, and the little green machine comes alive, skittering across the floor like a low-flying alien spacecraft or a high-tech dual-head lawnmower. Is this some toy maker's demonstration? a convention of wireless enthusiasts? No, it was the 2005 World of Concrete in Las Vegas this past January.

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    The contractor selects a post-tensioning company based on its qualifications, application, and location. The company chosen must provide detailed installation drawings, fabricate the post-tensioning tendons, and deliver all of the components necessary for a complete system to the jobsite.

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