Tom Klemens

Tom Klemens is a civil engineer and former Concrete Construction editor who’s now a freelance writer based in Palatine, Illinois. E-mail [email protected].

Tom Klemens's Posts

  • Annual Decorative Issue

    Fundamental differences exist between flatwork made with pervious concrete and standard concrete. The surface texture differs noticeably, and when it comes to holding water, they're at opposite ends of the spectrum. But neither of those differences means that pervious can't be decorative.

  • The art of placing pervious concrete definitely can be learned

  • Features

    As an environmentally friendly product that provides more than a paved surface to drive or park on, pervious concrete offers a new frontier for concrete contractors

  • Tolerances

    If you've been following our monthly updates, you know ACI's Tolerances committee has three projects under way and all recently have been in the “ongoing hard work” phase. The process of updating the A117 “Standard Specifications for Tolerances for Concre

  • Features

    Constructing a high-rise building is quite a challenge no matter how you look at it. But two projects currently under way in Los Angeles and Chicago are providing their respective concrete contractors an opportunity to demonstrate both their ingenuity and their skills.

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