Tom Klemens

Tom Klemens is a civil engineer and former Concrete Construction editor who’s now a freelance writer based in Palatine, Illinois. E-mail [email protected].

Tom Klemens's Posts

  • Tolerances

    You wouldn't know it just by driving by any of the jobsites, but these days Southern Florida is a hotbed of laser scanning for high-rise construction.

  • Features

    Chances are that when a load of concrete shows up at the jobsite, somebody's going to add some water. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

  • Features

    Mark Peters, deputy to the associate laboratory director at Argonne National Laboratory, says the public has three concerns about nuclear reactors: they must be safe from extreme forces of nature, they must not leak radiation and highly radioactive spent

  • Tolerances

    Every ASTM standard test is supposed to include statements on its precision and bias, which are a lot like the fine print on a legal document. These two sections describe how accurately one can expect the test results to reflect the true condition of what

  • Sustainability

    With all that's been written about being “green,” one would think there must be some definitive guideline out there. Isn't there some process, some simple list enlightened 21st-century contractors can follow to ensure they're making the greenest decisions

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