Tom Miller

Tom Miller began ppd following a successful 32 year career as a principal and partner in two civil engineering consulting firms. ppd is the culmination of Miller’s experiences and his desire to follow his true passion. Through ppd Miller is able to focus on the planning, design and construction administration of recreational facilities, primarily sports fields, parks and athletic facilities.

Tom Miller's Posts

  • Parks and recreational facilities

    Long the material of choice for outdoor courts in the southwest, post-tensioned concrete’s durability is winning converts throughout the rest of the country as well.

  • When the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services needed to pour a 4,000-foot bike path that connects an existing path in Burbank, Calif., to the North Hollywood arts district, it abandoned traditional wood forms in favor of reusable metal forms and a truss screed that simplified finishing. In addition to saving the department time and money, the new 16-foot-wide, 6-inch-thick concrete path is strong enough to support the occasional emergency vehicle and sweeper.

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