In 2017, there were four people who made a huge impact in the concrete construction industry. A common theme among all four of these industry leaders is educating young people about concrete and the realities of construction.

  • The former president of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) helped create better communication between designers and contractors.
  • An engineer from the University of Arkansas spearheaded ACI's educational programs from books and live seminars to web-based programs available to anyone, any time.
  • The president of the National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association lead the charge to get concrete and steel back on top as the dominant building materials for low- to mid-rise buildings.
  • The technical director at the Expanded Shale, Clay, and Slate Institute (ESCSI) spent 20 years promoting internal curing until it finally took off.

Look below to learn all about the four individuals who were named the 2018 Most Influential People in Concrete Construction.