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One of the great advantages of active involvement with the TCA is the opportunity for discourse across disciplines (architecture, engineering, construction, supply). This year’s education program features talks bringing together these sometimes divergent interests to highlight common issues, shared responsibilities, and opportunities for increased collaboration. Additionally, series of focused talks for designers and contractors will dive deeper into topics specific to each.

Tilt-Up 101: An Introduction to the Art, Practice and Challenge of Tilt-Up Construction
Jim Baty, FACI | Summary

Disaster Preparedness: Lessons Learned from 2017’s Catastrophic Hurricanes, Floods and Fires
Shawn Hickey, FTCA | Summary

A Practical and Reliable Means to Polished Concrete Walls
Barclay Gebel | Summary

Breaking into the School Market
Shawn Hickey, CCS, GSC, FTCA | Summary

Keynote: What Happened to Work Ethic?
Amy Lynch | Summary

The EPD Movement – It’s Closer Than You Think
David Green | Summary

A New Generation of Tilt-Wall Icons
Greg Papay, FAIA | Summary

The Tilt-Wall System and Commodity Architecture
Jeffrey Brown, FAIA | Summary

Pitfalls of Alternative Tilt-Up Design Approaches
Trent Nagele, P.E., S.E. | Summary

Heading to New Heights for E-Commerce
Jason Cooper | Summary

Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement Solutions for Concrete Cracking
Dan Vojtko | Summary

Utilizing Internal Curing (IC) to Greatly Reduce and Often Eliminate Shrinkage and Curling
John Ries P.E., FACI and Jeffrey Speck P.E., FACI | Summary

Tilt-Up Panel on Shim Pads Wall Footing and Panel Design
Shane Walters, P.E. | Summary

Construction Fails – A Review of Conditions Leading to Disastrous Accidents and Near Misses
Barclay Gebel | Summary

From Computer to Casting Bed: Navigating the Details of Tilt-Wall
Charles Reagan, AIA | Summary

Erecting Irregular Tilt-Up Panel Shapes
Leroy Caldwell, P.E. | Summary

Unpacking the New TCA Bracing Guideline Version 18.1
Scott Collins, P.E. | Summary

Now what? Managing the Aftermath of a Jobsite Accident
Robert J. Schindler, CHST, CSHO, CRIS | Summary

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