CEMEX Ventures is accepting applications for the 2019 Construction Startup Competition to identify startups with the ambition to lead the transformation of the construction industry.

Under the slogan “Apply. Grow. Make Your Mark.,” the competition challenges entrepreneurs and startups to set their mark in the construction ecosystem, to grow, and to position their solution in the industry. The winners will be evaluated for their relationship with the six areas of opportunity set by CEMEX Ventures: intelligent buildings and cities; optimization of supply chain management; construction with innovative materials and construction methods; and optimization of the productivity, efficiency, and quality of the daily management of work on site, among others.

The winning startups will be invited to Monterrey, Mexico, to present their projects to an audience made up of world leaders in innovation, investment, and construction on July 18, 2019. In addition to the introduction to new investors and companies focused on innovation, CEMEX Ventures will work with the startups that best fit its needs.

"We have a large offering for startups that enter our portfolio, through which we commit to build together a tailor-made path to achieve the best results,” says Gonzalo Galindo, CEO of CEMEX Ventures. "Beyond pure investment, we offer smart money to understand the needs of the entrepreneur and take advantage of our resources to enable them to lead the construction revolution."

Ipsum and Prysmex, finalists of the first competition in 2017, are part of the CEMEX investment portfolio and continue an eminent process of expansion to new geographies. Some finalists from the 2018 competition continue to work closely with CEMEX, opening markets in new countries, piloting their technology, and exploring investment possibilities.

Launched in 2017, CEMEX Ventures leverages CEMEX’s knowledge of the business with new, leading-edge technologies and platforms, focusing on solving the main challenges in the construction ecosystem through sustainable solutions. CEMEX Ventures has created an open, collaborative platform to lead the construction industry’s revolution, engaging startups, entrepreneurs, universities, and other stakeholders to tackle current challenges in the industry and shape tomorrow’s value ecosystem.

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