We begin accepting entries June 15 for Concrete Surfaces’ 2014 Polished Concrete Awards, and I’m pretty excited to see what this year’s crop of entrants has in store for us. Last year, we created a new Innovation category for applications that we’ve never seen before in the contest. It just goes to show how the industry keeps evolving.

To help polishing contractors get as excited as I am about this annual program, I’ve created a list of reasons why it’s a good year to enter your favorite projects:

1. All entrants will receive a free pass to World of Concrete’s Concrete Polishing Luncheon & Forum in Las Vegas, February 2015.

2. You will also get a chance to win your $75 entry fee back in a drawing for American Express gift cards.

3. We’ll honor winners at an awards ceremony and reception in conjunction with WOC, and at least one winner will be invited to participate in WOC’s Artistry in Decorative Concrete Demonstrations.

4. Winners will also receive publicity and coverage in our magazine, website, and social media platforms. Plus, we’ll send press releases announcing your win to hometown newspapers and publications, to help you spread the word to local customers.

5. But most importantly, a Polished Concrete Award is a professional stamp of approval that enables you to demonstrate to decision-makers why they should select this flooring treatment—and YOU, the contractor—for their next project.

Entry deadline is Oct. 1. Visit www.concretesurfacesmag.com for more information and to submit your projects.

Contest Sponsor: International Concrete Polishing & Staining Conference.