For the ninth year, the Artistry Demos, developed by Concrete Construction magazine, will be held at the World of Concrete starting Jan. 18, 2011. Each year a dozen decorative contractors known for their creative skills are invited to demonstrate their work on Tuesday and Wednesday at the show. On Thursday and Friday, attendees can view the completed projects.

The demo artists come from all over the world and use techniques or combinations of them to showcase their work. Techniques include colored concrete, stains, stamping impressions, polishing, stenciling, overlays, sculpting, engraving, furniture, and countertops. These demonstrations include both horizontal and vertical applications. This year’s artists include:

Eugenia Almelda, A New Hue Robert Chaney, Truglaze Ltd.
CIM Group
Tom Dombalis, Atlantic Coast Concrete
Adrian Gascon, Creative Waterscapes
Brandon Gore, Gore Design
Cynthia Meadows, The Concrete Chick
Randell Meredith, Perfection Plus
Ove Norstrand, Dekorbetong Ltd.
Steffen Plistermann, Artisan Finishes
Joe Quick, Artistic Concrete Coatings

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