The construction is industry has always relied heavily on number crunching, developing such popular phrases as "construction companies are accounting companies which happen to erect buildings." However, the analytics of this industry lags behind others, with big data and analytics just finding their way into the sector.

Firms are now moving into arenas such as real-time, cloud-powered analytics of large and unstructured datasets. CIO for JE DUNN John Jacobs says that this new data arena has been achieved through building partnerships with tech firms, which helped to develop industry specific tools.

The company Jacobs works for, JE DUNN, partnered with Autodesk to create systems that allow real-time, data driven predictive modeling:

“Now you have a picture,” says Jacobs. “The owner can see that concept model from our design partner and see the dollars tied to it. You can say ‘Show me what it would be like if we added another floor’ or ‘what if we made this part bigger?’ Every element in the design is tied to our cost estimate. It is completely integrated so the solution changes visually, on the fly.

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