A new town hall for Asker in southern Norway has been site cast entirely of black concrete. All exposed surfaces are either bush hammered or point chiseled. Choice of color and of surface finishes for different parts of the building was made with great care. Test panels were cast with ten different aggregates and mix proportions, and surfaces were trial treated by bush hammering, point chiseling and sandblasting. It was decided that the most attractive color could be obtained with a black limestone aggregate and the addition of iron oxide at the rate of 1 percent of the total weight of dry material. The mix achieved a 28 day strength between 350 and 400 kilograms per square centimeter. Proportions were controlled closely to avoid color variations when forms were stripped. A point chiseled finish was selected for all external concrete because it looked best in relief from a distance, while still allowing a rich interplay of color in close-up. Bush hammering was considered best for internal surfaces, mainly because it gives a smoother finish. Interior columns were smoothed further by rubbing down with coarse sandpaper.