Rediscovering the ancient art of fermenting in concrete has revolutionized the wine industry. Today, most of the world's finest wines are made in concrete.

Sonoma Cast Stone offers artisans of fermentation this exciting, new medium to create with. The company predicts a renaissance of innovation, producing an exciting, new generation of wild beers, sour beers, meads, and porters.

Sonoma Cast Stone manufactures U.S.-made concrete fermentation tanks. Vastly superior, both in terms of jaw-dropping good looks and inspired design with feature-rich functionality, our tanks are also stronger, more durable and the only concrete tanks to offer a 10-year guarantee against structural cracks and leaking.

The company says that concrete stabilizes the temperature of whatever is inside of it. This stability makes for a smooth and gradual fermentation, because there are no temperature spikes to make the yeast become aggressive.

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