No one can say with certainty what the future will bring, but we know that change will come. Improvements in existing products combined with new technologies and techniques will lead to advances in efficiency and better end products.

We invited several industry leaders to speculate upon what might be in store for the concrete construction industry in its next 50 years. Several have focused on advancements in materials, while others foresee improved equipment and techniques. And for many, the future hinges on what concrete offers for sustainable construction. We hope you enjoy their thoughts.

—The Editors

The Prevailing Material, by Robert A. Garbini

Is That Concrete?, by William F. Baker

Working Smarter and More Efficiently, by Ken Hover

Engineering Superior Performance, by Mike Shydlowski

A Different Industry, by Bev Garnant

Key Predictions, by Peter H. Emmons

Good Stewards Advancing in Partnership, by James A. Repman

Making Technology Transfer Stick, by Howard Kanare

Concrete's Rediscovery Fuels Growth, by Ed Sauter

Concrete Sophistication, by James M. Shilstone, Sr.

The Next 50 Years of the Interstate, by Gerald F. Voigt

Formwork and Shoring In 2056, by Michael Miller