Steel Wood Industries revealed an unexpected key solution in green building materials not just able to replace concrete as the core building material but can also be used to fully design building structures from the 100% recycled/SWI-stainable wood manufactured in UAE under the name Gusolid-PCS (Precast-Steel Wood).

Until yesterday, the concept of creating 100% green & SWI-stainable structures was merely a chapter of a science fiction movie. However, once Gusolid-PCS becomes widely used on a global scale, carbon dioxide emissions can be dropped to safety levels aiding in global climate change adjustments while possessing thousands of tons of negative overall carbon footprint per building.

Furthermore, the technical specifications & the physical properties of this new material returned all off the charts through third-party independent lab testing. Weighing exactly one-third compared to that of ordinary concrete and scaling by far higher in strength, Gusolid-PCS is the ideal choice for future green building materials even for record breaking high towers! In addition, Gusolid-PCS has elastic characteristics acting as a natural shock absorber during earthquakes or heavy wind streams retaining its original form once the extra pressure is negated. The name Gusolid-PCS is a solid behaving like gas under compression and expansion in a precast form.

Being a pre-cast material, Gusolid-PCS allows architects to cut down the construction time to minimal considering that the progress of the project depends on how fast the pre-cast parts are produced and simply assembled rather than casted on site without using water resources. Besides being a pre-casted wooden material, Gusolid-PCS opens the door to more creative designs with further limits unlocked which previously were out of the question.

To showcase its effectiveness, Steel Wood Industries have built a prototype of caravans made of Gusolid-PCS & displayed it at their stand. The vehicle is branded as NousaVan-X (NV-X) inspired by the Finnish word “Nousevan” which means “The Emerging” and X as the Roman numeral for 10 sqm area.

NV-X is a mobile home of the future, constructed from 100% recycled & SWI-stainable wood – which is ironically produced in a desert country; solar-powered with an electrical-charging socket in the absence of sunlight, air-conditioned, with internet Wi-Fi connection, a shower with access to hot water, a microwave, an 18-below zero cooling fridge, a 43” LED TV and many more. This is the most environmental-friendly smart-home ever built till date all controlled from a mobile app all developed in-house in fabrication record-breaking time of 3 weeks!

And according to Steel Wood Industries 2018 motto “Breed the Bull” expressing the expanding vision of Steel Wood Industries leaders, “This is just the beginning” …

Steel Wood Industries FZCO
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