Some study concrete as a material and some spend their careers using it to design and build structures and slabs that serve the general good. This year the editorial staff of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION recognizes people who do both: learning as much as they can about the material and doing the best possible work.

We are proud to recognize David Darwin, who continues to add to what we know about corrosion and durable concrete. We are especially proud to recognize Ward Malisch, because he was once part of our editorial staff. As a contractor, Greg Scurto is motivated to learn as much as he can, privately funding research with a willingness to share the outcomes with everyone. David Shepherd has one of the toughest jobs of all—promoting the sustainability values and benefits of concrete to owners, the ones who decide which materials to use for their projects. Finally, Bob Simonelli is a teacher's teacher when it comes to instructing professionals in the fine art of placing and finishing concrete.

In addition to CC's Top Influencers, our sister publication THE CONCRETE PRODUCER (TCP) honors three individuals for their contributions to the concrete producer industry. Read about the TCP Top Influencers.

Learn more about the 2009 Most Influential honoreees: