Influenced by his father who was an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and served in Vietnam, Pat Butler founded 21st Century Concrete in 2001. The Butler family has deep roots in the construction industry. Pat Butler’s grandfather was a carpenter and home builder in upstate New York, and he has several uncles in the industry – one as a civil engineer and another is a retired union laborer who worked for 25 years for several concrete companies.

Butler is particularly proud of how far the company has come from its humble beginnings. “Starting from an upstairs spare bedroom in 2001 with just one pickup and growing to the company we are today with a fleet of vehicles and a 28,000-square-foot office and warehouse has been a major accomplishment.”

The contractor has completed more than 815 projects in the past 16 years. These include slab on grades, slab on decks, structural slabs, post tension decks, site concrete, pavement, pervious concrete, underpinning, whitetopping, and concrete topping.

21st Century Concrete is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest technology. “We just recently invested in some new estimating software, and we’ve already seen how it will help us better track our projects. We have also invested in iPads and Surface Pros for the field superintendents and foreman to improve document and blueprint distribution as well as production and job costing,” says Butler.

Butler believes that the biggest investment the company can make in its future is finding and retaining the best people. Putting employees' well-being over a dollar amount has helped 21st Century successfully complete complex projects and maintain a strong reputation throughout Cleveland.

“Construction is one of the toughest ways to make a living that I can think of, but we love it and we are invested in making it work and growing to become an industry leader,” says Butler.