Oh Constructive One Please Hear My Voice Over The Loud Heavy Machinery In The Big Construction Site In The Sky And Grant Me This Coveted Job Position. Find It In Your Heart To Hold Your Holl Air Horn Down For One Long Blast To Last Through Eternity And Grant Me This Constructive Wish. My Visual Vest Will Gleam The Brightest Through The Darkest Of Labordom To Light The Way Of Safety And Holy Access/Egress. I Will Hold My Hammer To The Sky And Bring It Down On The Grade Stake Of Truth And Plunge It Into The Heart Of The Hardest Earth In The Name Of Construction. You Will Hear The Ring Of Steel On Steel And Know This Day Is A Righteous And Constructive Day. When My Job Is Finally Finished And My Lumber Perfectly Staked, D-nailed, I Will Signal Cable Up And Trolley Out To The Biggest Of Cranes And Be Lifted To The Big Construction Site In The Sky To Work With The Best Of The Best On A Cool Sunny Day, And I Will Love Every Minute Of It.

Eric Lewis