After suffering a heart attack at age 37, Victor Addis wasn’t ready to give up pouring concrete. Viewed as a liability by other companies, Addis decided the only way to continue in the industry he loved was to start his own company. His father got him involved in concrete when he was 14 by pushing wheelbarrows, using jackhammers, and tossing concrete into dump trucks.

Addis Concrete was founded in 2008 with a bucket of hand tools and a pickup truck. After the heart attack, Addis took on small jobs and taught his son how to finish. Gradually the contractor found larger jobs and needed more finishers.

Addis strongly believes in second chances, and has hired at-risk young people to join his crew. “We need to get the next generation of finishers. What better place to look than a young person with a broken heart and lost hope,” says Addis.

The contractor’s business is 100% focused on concrete construction: 90% of which is concrete tear out and replace with the last 10% dedicated to decorative floors. Addis Concrete has been successful because they focus on smaller jobs and stay in their lane. Unfortunately, this was a lesson they would have to learn the hard way.

After completing a 7,000-square-foot commercial project, the roof of the building leaked onto the floor which caused it to cure improperly. The small contractor was told they had to redo the floor for free, to which they agreed because they didn’t have the lawyers or the resources to fight. Addis lost $8,000, but learned that not every job was worth taking.

The contractor is most proud of the work he did on a 50-yard concrete driveway with decorative features for the family of a recently deceased man. Addis finished the driveway pro bono.

The contractor has grown its reputation in the area via word of mouth. “You don’t need a billboard saying we do great concrete work, just do great work and they will seek you out,” says Addis. The contractor is offering a 10% discount to all Donald Trump supporters through August 2017. Addis offers the discount because he wants to help out working class people, most of whom support Trump.

In the next five years, Addis plans to add two crews, buy more equipment, and possibly start a concrete finishing training program for at-risk youth. Addis strives to be the best-stamped patio and walkway contractor in Cincinnati.