Once again, we are pleased to share the stories of 20 concrete contractors that may not be America’s biggest but have taken other roads to success, such as technical innovation, safe practices, industry partnerships, and niche marketing, to name a few. Some of these companies are constructing projects on the other side of the planet. Others are just as proud to report that “Our employees live, work, and play in Charlotte and are vested in our communities,” and “I am living my childhood dream to help to build Chicago.”

When you read these profiles you may feel that your company fits right in—or stands out. Either way, tell us your tale. Next year we will profile another selection of America’s Concrete Contractors.

Here's a map of all the contractors featured in our annual America's Concrete Contractors. Click on the red pins to learn more about each contractor. Some of the links here include videos, which can also be found here. Click the square in the top right of the map for a full screen view.