Finding the most efficient ways to get the job done has helped this contractor thrive in the Midwest for almost 60 years. Raymond R. Goetz Jr., founder of Goetz Concrete, showed his grandson the value of hard work from a young age, and successfully groomed him to take over the company.

Now, B.J. Sorensen takes the lessons his grandfather taught him and applies them to the business. The contractor takes pride in its work and is always at the forefront of new equipment and technologies. Goetz Concrete was one of the first contractors in the area to have a compact track loader and laser screeds. When a process seems slow and inefficient, the contractor starts researching new equipment to increase productivity. By retrofitting laser screeds with robotic total stations for grading, the contractor has taken its capabilities to the next level.

Goetz Concrete always stands behind its name and believes nothing is more important than taking care of its employees. “Most of our employees have been here for a long time and are treated like family,” says Sorensen. “We want employees to maintain strong relationships with their families and not feel so tied down to their jobs.”

Even with a solid crew of hard workers, the contractor is still having trouble finding skilled young workers to fill the work boots the aging workforce is leaving behind. Sorensen says it’s imperative to find new workers who are adept at using technology and have a strong work ethic.