Credit: OVeraa Construction

Overaa Construction is a general contractor that has been serving Northern California since 1907. During the last three years, the economy has tested the resilience of the company like no other time in its history. Its self-performing concrete capability allowed the company to keep its 300-person workforce intact during the recession. Concrete has been the steady driver at Overaa, underpinning its success for 106 years. Overaa is one of the Bay Area’s largest construction employers, with crews performing 600,000 man-hours, on average, each year. About 450,000 of those man-hours are concrete work. Now that the California construction market is gaining traction, Overaa is able to be more selective about its projects. And the biggest factor in its decision to pursue an opportunity is concrete. All other factors being equal, if it has a lot of concrete, it’s a job Overaa wants.