Leading the way with its leadership development programs and multiple American Concrete Institute awards, Pankow Builders plans to keep growing in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay markets. The contractor believes that adaptation is key to staying on top in the concrete construction industry.

“Success will come to those who are able to respond in this rapidly changing industry,” says Pankow Builders CEO Kim Lum.

The contractor does extensive research on new technologies that will help grow the business. Pankow has invested in BIM, laser scanning, enterprise resource planning software, and mobile technology. It is easy for contractors to get caught up in the newest innovations and spend money on something that may not pan out. “We try to be leading edge, but not bleeding edge,” says Lum.

Like many in the industry, Pankow is faced with the challenge of finding skilled workers. The Emerging Leader Program was implemented to give new, high-performing employees a chance to learn more about the business side of construction. Lum believes the company's ability to engage its employees is key to reaching out to millennials as new hires. Recently, the contractor has shifted its focus to providing training in formwork techniques.

The contractor projects annual revenue will grow to $65 million by 2020. With a focus on growing the people, instead of the business, Pankow is on the fast-track to capture more market share.