Working from coast-to-coast, Redimere Surface Solutions has a diverse workforce and facilitates the most demanding schedules. The contractor uses proven production methods and thorough job planning to add value to its customers. Redimere has a vast knowledge of repair processes, concrete polishing, and decorative methods, including overlays, staining, and stamping.

Willingness to invest in safety training and the newest technology makes Redimere concrete an attractive landing spot for employees. Redimere Surface Solutions was recently acquired by Painters USA, a nationally certified woman-owned business by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council. One of the contractors’ biggest challenges was moving away from open bid work for general contractors and into sourcing its own work direct to owners.

Redimere has invested in power trowels to perform polished concrete and a customer portal for real-time tracking. The customer portal allows the contractor to fix problems before they become a major headache. “If we’re going to undershoot on a project, let’s catch it ahead of time and talk about it while we have the opportunity to change course,” says Neil Roach, Redimere's regional vice president and general manager.

As the contractor looks to grow its workforce and territory, revenue is expected to grow 20% each of the next five years. Some new divisions will pop up across the country in the coming years. “We want to better facilitate our coast-to-coast reach,” says Roach.