Credit: Sundt Construction

As a self-performing general contractor, Sundt Construction not only does its own concrete work but also does concrete for other GCs. The company builds bridges, buildings, treatment plants, paving, and even tilt-up. Sundt’s diversity has helped it flourish because it has the ability to do whatever work is available. Sundt’s staff has the knowledge and experience of a concrete construction expert, combined with its size, financial security, and reputation for quality. It also brings a high level of sophistication to budgeting, a clear understanding of design-build, and the ability to supervise large, complex projects. The company is employee-owned, which gives individuals a sense of pride and purpose. Sundt’s new vice president and manager of concrete construction, Travis McCarthy, has worked for Sundt for 14 years as an engineer, project manager, and paving manager. This gives him a unique perspective on the world of concrete construction and Sundt’s efforts to bring its concrete expertise to its clients.