Commercial and office space provide a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible with tilt-up concrete. In November, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) announced its 24th Annual Tilt-Up Achievement Awards winners, honoring “projects that represent an increasing diversity of building types constructed with site-cast tilt-up concrete as well as those that advance industry technology, apply innovative form, and provide unique solutions to building programs,” the association said. Here are five of the commercial project honorees.

Big Ass Fans Headquarters – Lexington, Ky.
Gray Construction, Lexington, Ky., GC and Tilt-Up Contractor

Big Ass Fans manufactures high-volume energy-efficient fans for a variety of uses. The company is known for its strong, quirky brand image and when it needed a space to reflect that, managers turned to Gray to come up with a plan that also fit a tight budget. The resulting 84,594-sq.-ft., two-story office building is designed to convey movement. It utilizes the company’s signature yellow color and features tilt-up panels designed with unique openings to allow for different views throughout the building. No two load-bearing panels are alike.

Double V Construction

Croydon Business Centre – Surrey, B.C., Canada
Double V Construction Ltd., Surrey, B.C., Tilt-Up Contractor

The Croydon Business Centre is a four-story multi-tenant office building. It features two of the heaviest tilt-up concrete panels ever lifted in Western Canada, weighing 196,000 pounds each. Interior finishes were a major priority, and imported Italian plaster was utilized. The building also follows LEED specifications and recycled materials were used.

Mark Johnson Photography Inc

Wallis State Bank I – Houston
Powers Brown Architecture; Arch-Con Corp., Houston, General Contractor

Part of a master-planned four-building complex, the Wallis State Bank I building is a three-story building on a 19,000-square foot footprint with office and bank space, and a 5,000 square foot executive fourth floor. According to project details from TCA “The south and the west elevations are punched openings, while the north and the east combine to form a bent facade are dominated by glass and glazing.”

Look Cinema – Dallas
TAS Commercial Concrete Construction LP, Houston

Constructing this 11-screen theater offered several unique challenges, including the building’s unique shape. According to project details from TCA, “The form liner that was specified was a custom form liner that had never been used on any other project. In order to achieve an as-cast surface that met the project requirements, the issues of consolidation of the concrete around the form liner geometry had to be overcome, particularly at the corners, cutting and adjoining form liner sheets, securing the form liner to the casting surface, and stripping the form liner in a way that would not damage the finished product.”

Black Forest Ventures Jet Center/Galaxy FBO – Conroe, Texas
E.E. Reed Construction LP, Sugar Land, Texas

The original 2012 design for the Galaxy FBO was be a structural steel, heavy gauge stud, and metal panel. Then cost realities became clear, and E.E. Reed worked with JGJ Architects, to come up with a three-story, tilt-up structure and skin. The tilt-up redesign saved the developer nearly $500,000 and remains functional and durable while retaining the original aesthetic. The project, which includes a third level restaurant, required nearly 70-foot-tall tilt-up panels, which very few cranes in the area were able to manage. 

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