This development enables Doka’s customers, contractors planning and pouring concrete, to utilize the Tekla Structures Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution to manage formwork information more easily and enable success on-site.

As leading solution providers in the concrete industry, Doka and Trimble, join forces to enable concrete contractors to better manage their project information. Concrete contractors using Tekla Structures can now download constructible 3D components for some of Doka’s most popular wall and floor systems directly into their project models via Trimble’s Tekla Warehouse.

The availability of Doka components in Tekla Warehouse enables the customers of both companies to streamline the quantification, planning and management of their formwork operations.

“For concrete contractors, the ability to download Doka wall and floor system components directly into your project is a significant improvement in efficiency,” says Andy Dickey Business Development Manager at Trimble. “These components enable contractors to quantify and plan their own formwork layouts as well as coordinate the formwork with other work if they wish. Because these components are provided directly from Doka and are full of information such as catalogue numbers, the BIM works provide for the utmost accuracy and efficiency for formwork planning.,” Dickey says.

“We want to offer solutions and services to our customers to prepare and communicate all the knowledge needed for a successful project. By having our wall and floor systems easily available for users of software solutions like Tekla Structures, our customers can optimize the use of Doka formwork systems and help them ensure their success on site,” says Andreas Aflenzer, Head of Engineering Software Development at Doka.

Tekla software from Trimble is proven to improve concrete construction productivity. Combining the solutions from industry-leading firms such as Doka with the unique technologies in Tekla Structures like the concrete pour concept, continue to raise the bar within the concrete industry.

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