EFCO, a global leader in concrete formwork and shoring solutions has recently launched HandsetFormwork.com, a new website dedicated exclusively to its handset forming and shoring systems. EFCO is recognized worldwide for providing highly engineered solutions in which a crane or other mechanical lifting device is required to assemble, erect, and cycle the formwork. The new website highlights lightweight, manhandled equipment used for a variety of concrete forming and shoring applications.

HandsetFormwork.com focuses on the handset concrete forming system, HAND-E-FORM. The EFCO HAND-E-FORM system is the most versatile handset forming system on the market today. Used in over 25 countries all over the world, cost conscious contractors are quickly recognizing the benefits associated with this easy to learn, and quick to cycle system. Along with HAND-E-FORM, the website features EFCO’s handset shoring systems EFCO DECK, PRO 4, and HAND-E-SHORE.

HandsetFormwork.com can be a valuable resource for owners, contractors, and developers to become familiar with and learn about EFCO’s handset equipment. Look for the websites 70+ case studies showcasing examples of how others in the industry have successfully used EFCO’s handset systems. These case studies describe actual projects in detail with photos, project facts, and testimonials on how the systems have been used on a variety of applications.

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