Fortifiber is a 77-year-old, third generation family company that manufactures products that protect buildings from moisture intrusion and the problems like mold, mildew and structural failure that result from it. The award is sponsored by RGJ media and the Reno-Tahoe Young Professionals Network.

Professional Success and Community Involvement
Some people might think that taking the reins of a family company is easy. In Chris’ case, it was anything but. He stepped into the role of president and COO in May of 2009, just as the housing sector reached a horrifying low. He had the challenging task of restructuring all aspects of the business to maintain its vitality, even as many other construction-related companies did not survive. However, “survival” does not really characterize his success. He was attuned to building for the future and his accomplishments in the face of arduous circumstances demonstrate his acumen:

  • Revenue in 2015 was more than double the 2010 level
  • Profits in 2016 are on-track to be the best in company history
  • During his tenure, the company has added 20 jobs in Northern NV
  • He is deeply committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and “walks the talk”. He led the company’s initiative to install 1,800 solar panels on the roof of the factory.
  • He is an active mentor with a program that helps local start-up companies succeed.
  • He has held several leadership positions within Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a global network of young executives aimed at supporting each other’s business and personal growth. Current positions are Forum Officer and Construction Suppliers Industry Network Chair.

Fortifiber Building Systems Group.

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