Every January we introduce you to people in the industry who are doing great things: our Most Influential People of the Year. You'll find four such people starting on page 14. But an extra this year is four young people we talked with who represent the future of concrete in the U.S. Coming from various backgrounds they share a passion for concrete construction and are proving themselves by pushing everyone involved on their projects to look at more collaborative and innovative ways to work. I hope you enjoy their stories.

New-and-Improved Resource

As a concrete contractor, there are some resources you really can't live without: ACI 301, Specifications; ACI 117 Tolerances; and The Contractor's Guide to Quality concrete Construction. Published by the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) and American COncrete Institute (ACI), the guide has sold more than 85000 copies over 25 years. Now through the dedicated work of many ASCC and ACI members a much improved fourth edition is available. More than 10 pages longer than the previous edition, the new guide includes full-color photos and illustrations, an easier-to-read layout, 43 ASCC position statements,d etails on ACI certification programs, and an appendix written by Jeff Coleman detailing legal issues, Buy a copy at ASCC's World of Concrete booth (C4511) or online at www.concrete.org.

Concrete Cares
Over the last several years, Mike Murray's Concrete Cares has raised money to help families in our industry affected by cancer. He recently sent me this letter from Paige West: "My daughter McKenzie was diagnosed with leukemia at 13. When we found out chemotherapy would be every week for two years and seven months, we couldn't fathom how we'd keep up with our financial responsibilities since we are a two-income, paycheck-to-paycheck family and the diagnosis would keep me from working full time. Thanks to the generous donations made through Concrete Cares, we were able to keep our home and pay our monthly bills while I focused solely on caring for my daughter. I will never be able to fully express what a relief this was to my family and how thankful we are to Concrete Cares."

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