The Holcim (US) Inc. Chicago Skyway facility located in Chicago, IL has embarked on a volunteer project to help the Juan Diego Community Center upgrade its facility. Employees have installed new flooring, painted walls, and have performed other light remodeling projects at the facility.

The Holcim (US) community service initiative “Together for Communities” marks the centennial anniversary of its parent company, Holcim Ltd, and involves employees leading local volunteer projects.

The mission of Centro Comunitario Juan Diego is to promote positive social change in the South Chicago community, while serving those in need. The center accomplishes its mission by offering after-school tutoring to children, English classes, parenting classes, and computer classes to families in need. Additionally, the Center provides a food bank, a clothing program, assistance completing applications for utility programs, and assistance finding medical care to members of the South Chicago community.

“Employees at the Chicago Skyway facility have done a great job in recognizing a project that directly benefits their community,” said Bernard Terver, president and chief executive officer of Holcim (US). “The Juan Diego Community Center project aligns perfectly with the areas we are focused on, education, community, and infrastructure as part of our Together for Communities initiative.”

By helping upgrade the facility, Holcim employees hope to provide an improved atmosphere for visitors to the center and the many volunteers who work at the center. Another objective of the remodeling project is helping the center attract additional grant money that is needed to operate the non-profit center.

Together for Communities builds on the Holcim mission and extends the values that are essential to creating the highest quality products. Holcim Ltd hopes to engage as many of its 80,000 worldwide employees as possible to volunteer for one day in their community. Because Holcim recognizes employees have unique knowledge of their communities, each project is employee-led and geared toward local needs. Though each volunteer activity is driven by local needs, the initiative is a global one.